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  • Northern Park Voices

Northern Park Primary School


Northern Park Primary School has classes from Grade 1 to 7 with English being the language of instruction. The school is situated on the northern side of Pietermaritzburg Kwazulu Natal in a suburb called Northern Park. The school was first established in 1966 as an educational institution. The School Badge was established on 24 November 1966 when Miss ELC Pechey was principal. The “Sun in Splendour” represents the northern sun while the tree represents the word “park” and hence Northern Park. The books on either side of the sun refers to knowledge while the white birds in flight in the blue chevron in the centre of the badge pertain to the frequent visits by Egrets to the school’s grounds. The school’s motto is : “PERSEVERE WITH HOPE”.

School’s Mission Statement

At Northern Park Primary School, our purpose is to extend individual pupils through education to reach their full potential so that they may confidently make decisions and solve problems as individuals. Social skills are developed so that pupils may effectively work in groups, interacting confidently as creative team members. We aim to create a structured environment which provides a balance between academic, spiritual, cultural and sporting activities in order to encourage the all-round development of the pupils. Furthermore, we provide a rich variety of learning experiences which develop skills required for happy, rewarding and successful lives.

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