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The school has a policy whereby it intends developing each learner in a holistic manner, therefore, a wide range of extra-curricular activities are offered. While it is not the intention of the school to force any learner to participate in this programme, all learners are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one sports code per year, but preferably, one code per term.  Part of the school’s ethos is for learners to develop a life-skill in the form of commitment and team work. It is therefore, expected of a learner to commit him/her-self to the practices and matches associated with the code of their choice. After all, the school goes to great lengths to arrange coaches, fixtures as well as equipment to ensure a productive and meaningful sporting season. The extra-curricular programme includes, but is not limited to:  Art Club, Athletics, Chess, Choir, Cricket, Drama, Rugby, Cross-Country, Drama, Hockey for boys and girls, Scripture Union, School Plays, Soccer, Swimming and Tennis.

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Fixtures are played on a regular basis against local schools, as well as some further afield such as Eston, Greytown, Ixopo and Richmond. During the swimming season, an annual Inter-House Gala is hosted together with some mini Inter-School Galas.

The second term is by far the busiest in terms of sporting fixtures and the organising of tournaments.

During the third term, the entire school, from Grade 3 to 7 is strongly encouraged to become fully involved in the school’s Athletics programme.  A very lively and highly competitive Inter-House Athletics meeting concludes the Athletics season for the school’s learners, however the school’s Athletics Team goes on to participate in an annual Inter-School meeting held early in September, to welcome in the season of Spring.  Five schools usually compete in this friendly but highly competitive meeting.

During the different “sporting seasons”, teams from the school’s three sports-houses compete in internal, Inter-House matches.  These games are invariably the highlight of the season and one can imagine the lively competition that prevails.  Each winning team causes points to be accumulated towards a final shield presented at the end of each year.


The following sporting codes are offered during the course of the year.

1st Term

Rugby: Gr 4-7
Boys' Cricket: mini, u9, u10, u11, and u13.
Swimming for Boys and Girls from Grade R to Grade 7.

2nd Term

Boys’ Soccer: mini, u9-u13
Girls' Netball: mini, u9-u13
Girls' Hockey: mini, u9-u13
Cross Country for Boys and Girls: all ages
Rugby: Gr 4-7

3rd Term

Athletics for Boys and Girls:  all ages
Boys' Hockey: mini, u9-u13
Girls' Soccer: mini, u9-u13
Rugby: Gr 4-7

4th Term

Boys' Cricket: mini, u9, u10, u11, and u13
Swimming for Boys and Girls from Grade R to Grade 7
Rugby: Gr 4-7


Art Club

The school supports the artistic talents of its learners by affording them the opportunity to freely express themselves in The Art Club.  This is offered as an after-school activity under the guidance of a specialist Art Teacher.


The school choir regrettably is only formed for the Junior Primary Nativity play, held at the end of the year. Previously, the school had a magnificent choir that showcased its talents at a number of choir events around the city. Unfortunately, the school does not have a choir master, but will hopefully be resurrecting this extra-mural activity in the near future.


For those learners who enjoy the performing arts, the popular Drama Group is always a hive of activity.  This club does wonders to develop a positive self image, together with encouraging learners to conduct themselves confidently in public.