The Beehive

The Beehive - Grade R

Northern Park Primary has its own reception school called The Northern Park Beehive. The pre-primary school facility comprises Grade R classes for learners from 5 to 6 years old.

Learners in The Beehive are taught by highly-professional and dedicated teachers who aim to create a happy, exciting and educationally-enriching environment.

This is achieved through age-appropriate, constructive play while the learners simultaneously acquire important social skills. The carefully-planned and relevant curriculum includes Fantasy and Sensopathic Play, Arts and Crafts, Woodwork and Music. A structured School Readiness Programme is offered to all learners. Regular visits to a well-equipped Media Centre allow for the early introduction to reading.

Physical development is performed daily through fun activities on the outdoor play equipment, swimming and Physical Education lessons.

An Award Ceremony is held towards the end of the academic year where learner achievements are recognised on an individual basis. A Nativity Play takes place on the same occasion and never fails to delight an appreciative audience.

While it is not compulsory for learners entering Grade 1 at Northern Park Primary to have been at The Beehive, these learners are given automatic enrolment. The first year of a child’s school career is vitally important and the school encourages an inclusive style of child development, meaning that it works in partnership with the child’s parents in affording the child the highest level of academic, social, spiritual and emotional support it can.

Learners in Grade R are given an excellent foundation in school readiness, ensuring that they are well adjusted and ready to proceed with formal schooling.

How To Apply

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